"Facebook is good for connecting people who you already know. We are interested in 2nd and 3rd degree."
“Grindr, watch out for Manhunt.”
“We look at more profile vectors. You can draw discriminants and cluster them accordingly.” Translation: You’d never want to date someone you used to work with.
“There doesn’t seem to be an engineer who doesn’t read the OkTrends blog. There isn’t an engineer who hasn’t gotten a date off of OkCupid.”
“I’m married, but I still like to people browse on OkCupid.”
“Writing essays are a creative chore for everyone. We want to use sentiment analysis.”
“You may say, I’m interested in X,Y, and Z. A lot of people don’t actually know what they are interested in. We pull that data, based on what you’ve done, when you’ve said it, and what you’ve said. We are working on products that do stuff like that.”